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Text Message and Email Marketing

Are you building an email list of your current customers? Are you collecting cell phone numbers so you can text specials when you need extra business. If not then you are missing a tremendous opportunity to increase your sales and profits. Every time someone purchases your product or service they have shown that they trust you and see value in your offer. Why wouldn’t you encourage them to become a loyal customer by offering special concessions for coming back on a regular basis?

We all know the cost of acquiring new customers is expensive so making sure these customers become repeat customers is critical.

Text message and email marketing is an extremely cost effective way to keep your customers engaged with your business. Staying in contact with them by offering specials and discounts to return to your business will make a huge impact on your business’ profitability.

Easy to implement and manage, these text and email marketing solutions are available to you right now. You can even collect their information directly from your website to automate the system as much as possible. Couple this with search engine optimization strategies and you’re one step closer to more sales and profit. Don’t wait any longer.

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