Taking Back Your Business!

Taking Back Your Business!

What is your online marketing strategy?

If you are looking to take back control of your business and move it to the next level, you must invest in your business’ prescence online. Everyone who is interested in your products and services are searching online. That’s how you found our website. You are searching Google for ideas or for someone that can show you how to increase your online exposure. Well, First Place Media specializes in exactly that. Let us help you design an online marketing strategy that will result in more customers, more sales and more profits.

Are you getting traffic to your website?

We can get your website to the first page of Google so you can be found when potential new customers are looking for your products or services. Using the latest “white hat” Google approved search engine optimization, our Tampa SEO company First Place Media will get you to the top and KEEP you there.

Is your website mobile optimized?

Mobile search will take over desktop search in 2014. What does your website look like on a mobile phone? If it is not optimized for mobile use, your prospects will click back and look for a site they can easily read on their mobile phones. A mobile website is easy to set up and will put you miles ahead of your competition.

Can you message ALL of your prospects and customers at the click of a button?

Notify all of your prospects and customers about special discounts and offers at the click of button using text messaging and email marketing. Increase business whenever you want by executing an effective text and email marketing strategy. Your customers want to be rewarded for being loyal so give them what they want and bring them back more often.

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